CISC/CMPE 454 Schedule - Winter 2017-2018

This schedule will change as the term progresses.

See for code samples.

Vector Algebra Jan 8 Introduction, graphics history, some research
Jan 10 Vector review and sample problems
Jan 12 Geometric transformations
Jan 15 Geometric transformations, continued
OpenGL Jan 17 A1 out Introduction to OpenGL
Jan 19 Continue with Jan 17 notes and code
Jan 22 OpenGL shaders
Jan 24 The Model-View-Projection transform
Modelling Jan 26 Projection transform and clipping
Jan 29 Modelling objects
Jan 31 Continue with Jan 29 notes, Research talk on triangle strips (Powerpoint)
Feb 2 Hierarchical Models
Feb 5 A1 in Phong shading
Feb 7 Test 1
Feb 9 Shading in Shaders
Feb 12 Continue with Feb 9 notes, shaders in openGL/03-shaders/shaders
Texture Mapping Feb 14 Texture Mapping
Feb 16 Mip maps
Feb 19
Feb 21 reading week
Feb 23
Feb 26 A2 out Continue with Feb 16 notes
Feb 28 Deferred shading
Mar 2 Procedural textures
Mar 5 Environment and Bump Maps
Mar 7 Test 2
Ray Tracing Mar 9 Intro to ray tracing
Mar 12 Ray/triangle intersection
Mar 14 Acceleration of ray tracing
Mar 16 Continue with Mar 14 notes
Mar 19 A2 in Sampling methods
Mar 21 Glossy reflection, Ray sampling
Mar 22 Continue with Mar 21 notes, Bias in ray tracing
Volume Rendering Mar 26 A3 out Intro to volume rendering
Mar 28 Discrete volume rendering integral (also: forward tracing)
Mar 30 Good Friday (no classes)
Apr 2 Computing Ci and αi, transfer function
Apr 4 Test 3
Apr 6 volren with GPU ray tracing and something else to be announced
A3 is due April 11 before 6:00pm.

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