CISC 454 Old Announcements

CISC 454 Old Announcements

Assignment 2 is now due Monday, March 19 before class.

The assignment zip file (below) now contains an Windows executable in the a2_windows directory. The carpet texture does not work, so it's a single colour. Run the code from the command line, like:
shader.exe data/carpet.obj data/triceratops.obj

Assignment 2 Another office hour will be held Tuesday, March 6, 3:00 - 4:00 in Goodwin 732.

Assignment 1 is now due Monday before class.

The skeleton code for Assignment 1 works on the CasLab Linux machines: After unzipping it, go into the 'a1' directory, type 'make' to compile the program, then type './ll' to run it.

For marking, the assigments must compile and run on the CasLab Linux machines. Check that your assignment does this before submitting it.

If you are compiling on Visual Studio and get a "missing crtdefs.h" error (among others) you might need to install the "Windows Universal CRT SDK" as described in the top answer here.

If your code fails with a complaint that the requested version of OpenGL isn't available, you can:
change GLFW_OPENGL_ES_API to GLFW_OPENGL_API in the first glfwWindowHint() line of the code,
remove the second and third glfwWindowHint() lines.

Assignment 1 is available:

Sample problems are available on the "Schedule & Notes" page. See the "Jan 8" line.

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